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Coding and Logic toys, robots, games, and more. We’ve got it all at affordable rental prices!

Why Coding Toys for Kids?

We love toys, and who doesn't? At CodeKiddo, we love learning through play, as that is the way kids learn best!  In our more than 10 years of preschool education, we have been encouraging our kids to explore and discover the joys of coding and logic. 


Looking for and reviewing the best coding toys for kids can be tough. In Singapore, they can be hard to find, expensive while some are definitely better than others. There are just too many educational toys in the market... and no easy way for parents to "buy and try" every toy they can lay their hands on.  If you are no engineer or programmer yourself, how do we as parents make coding fun? How can parents start in their search for the "perfect" coding toy? What better way than to just 'test-drive' them by having a short-term rental?


We know that every child is unique and is engaged with different toys or games at different stages of development. We have used and tested our each toy in our inventory in our educational centres. In doing so, we aim to provide the best educational tools to your kid to spark that coding interest and joy in your child.


Our Toys

Our toys and games have been developed by international education experts, coding gurus, not to mention some Google and Apple engineers, who are bound by the common vision of developing fun for kids while getting them to learn logic and coding. 

See What Our Customers Have to Say

“My kids love the Cubetto. It's easy to book and pick up the toys, the prices are super affordable.”


“I wanted my boy to learn coding, but there are too many expensive toys out there and I didn't know how to choose. So it's great to have someone recommend the age-appropriate toys without me having to buy them.”

Dave Bradley

“These guys are great! I never have to buy another expensive toy that is only played for only a few days and then discarded.

Steven C.

 Contact Us

Please reach out for questions, quotes on packages, or if you’d like to stop by the showroom.

12 Little Road #05-02, Singapore 536986

Email:   |   Phone: +65 96785522

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